Our children will be born of our actions. Our accidents will become their destinies. It is a simple matter of what you will do when the chips are down, my friend. When the fat lady is singing. When the walls are falling in, and the sky is dark, and the ground is rumbling. In that moment our actions will define us. And it makes no difference whether you are being watched by Allah, Jesus, Buddha, or whether you are not. On cold days a man can see his breath, on a hot day he can’t. On both occasions, the man breathes.
Zadie Smith, White Teeth (via thebronzemedal)


Today I was contacted at work, on my work email address, by someone who follows me on Twitter and had figured out the identity of workplace and my boss. He had also CC’d my boss in to his email. His first email was to my twitter name @myworkplace and so he would have had to do further digging…

Safety online for women still an issue in 2012? Shouldn’t be - is.

Last season on Mad Men, in the episode in which Don Draper writes his journal, the show featured its first-ever voice-over narration, which became a point of contention among critics on the Internet: “Somebody wrote, ‘Well, we learned one thing about Don — he’s not a good writer.’ Some of that was from somebody’s actual journal. And some of that was very important to me. And I was like, ‘You want to know what’s going on in Don’s head? He’s going to actually tell you.’ Some people were like, ‘You’re not allowed to do that. There’s no voice-over on the show.’ And I’m like, ‘Go fuck yourself. Go get your own fucking show. Don’t write on the Internet what I’m allowed to fucking do.’
Matthew Weiner (via thebronzemedal)

Weiner shouldn’t have to even say it but glad he does. Get your own show!